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Sign up for Template Club Premium, from $6 per month, and receive a new Notion template in your inbox every day. These range from short automation solutions to full-blown Notion dashboard setups. You may not find all of them useful, but they'll definitely inspire you and could even teach you something new (just recently we educated our subscribers on the benefits of an Interstitial Journal and provided them with the tools to test one out and see if it works for them).

In the unlikely event you don't see the value after signing it up and taking it for a spin, you can cancel your subscription instantly at any time through the self-service portal — no questions asked or customer support needed. A monthly membership only costs $10, or you can sign up for three months for $20 (instead of $30). We also offer a six-month subscription for $40 (down from $60). Providing the best value with a $40 discount is our yearly membership, at $6 per month, billed annually.

Getting started with Template Club Premium is easy: Click the button below to head over to our membership page and follow the steps to start a subscription, then wait for the first template to arrive. You'll receive a full receipt for your purchase, ideal for those signing up on behalf of a business. Again, you can cancel your subscription at any time to stop it from renewing. Even if you only sign up for one month, you'll still get a minimum of 30 templates for $10 — incredible value at $0.33 per template.

But sign up for a full year and you're looking at a potential saving of $1745, considering the average premium Notion template we sell costs $5, if you were to buy each of them à la carte.

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