Notion Daily Schedule Template


You store all your notes in Notion, so why not move your to-do list and calendar there too? House all your events and to-do list in one place, with simple task templates to add new events and to-do list items in the click of a button, blocking time to complete each task, with this Notion Daily Schedule template.

Key Features

  • By default, the list will show you all of the items in your schedule today, in a timeline broken into fifteen minute intervals. You can choose to view these in a list if you'd rather have a straight-line breakout, organized in chronological order.

  • You can change the view to look back at yesterday's events and tasks or see what's on the docket for tomorrow, all with the click of a button. You also have the option to take a step back and view all of the events in a monthly calendar.

  • Views to view all incomplete tasks today, yesterday, this week and this month, as well as view all events and tasks added to the schedule without a deadline. Overdue tasks will sort from oldest (most overdue) to newest.

  • We've created a task template with sections of discussion points, action items and a place to store resources, which is ideal for planning meetings, taking notes in them and storing any files that are shared by other attendees in a time capsule.

  • Icons are used to differentiate between to-do list items and meetings. You can create more of these, depending on your uses. For example, you could create a new entry template for meal times, using a food icon as the symbol.

  • You can set reminders when adding a new item to your schedule, which will be pushed to all devices you have the Notion App installed on in line with your preference (similar to Outlook) and check them off when you finish each item.

Unlike most of the Notion templates we release, this one is not free: We're selling it for $5 to cover the cost of the time we spent creating it. You'll be presented with a link to save the template to your Notion Workspace immediately after purchasing it and through email as well for safekeeping should you need to use it in the future.

You can save Notion templates, through the Notion App for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows, and through Notion for Web. We have some detailed instructions on Notion Wizard that'll walk you through how to save the template to your Workspace if it's your first time using one. In a sentence: Click the Duplicate button at the top.

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The ultimate solution to view your daily agenda in Notion.

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Notion Daily Schedule Template

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